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Who does brake shoe arcing?

Barry Wolk

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When inspecting the brakes on my '55 Porsche I noted that they were glazed on the shoe ends and untouched in the center.

When I started as a mechanics helper in the '60s it was common practice to arc the shoes to match the radius of the drums. It dramatically enhanced stopping power as initial contact was full, leading to better braking and lessened heat build-up.

I know the EPA must have fits over the practice but someone must still do it safely.

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Arcing is very important to Old Indian Motorcycles or the front brakes don't work.

I always did mine by hand with a file,

Not fast but effective.

I could have used a belt sander, it would be faster, but I always went the safe route with a file.

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Guest Bluesky636

WOW! When I had the brakes rebuilt on the RED 1964 Galaxie about 6 years ago, my mechanic mentioned that he used to do that on drum brake cars. Unfortunately, they got rid of their equipment years ago. He said it would take a while for the brakes to bed in and they did, but I have never had any problems. They stop the big beast fine, expecially since I upgraded to a dual (non-power) master cylinder.

You could probably use a sander and a light touch to break through the glaze, but I wouldn't take too much material off them.

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