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What's a fair price?

James B. White

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What's a fair price?

Once again I thinking about selling my 66 Wildcat Custom 2dr. model 46637. I have almost all the parts to restore it. It is still in the project stage. WHAT is the average price for a 66

Wildcat these days. I just do not have the time to get it going.

I have added 3 pics- more pictures available- email me at djbwhite@sbcglobal.net

I have three 50 Buick Super model 52, I hope to have enough to make two.




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The last time you posted this for sale I expressed a lot of interest and tried to negotiate on price/terms but we lost contact. I was impressed by the originality of this car, and I believe you had asked for $1500 to $2500 range on price.

BUT the sticking point for me and maybe others was that the rear brakes were "stuck" and you recommended towing or trailering from Ohio to Iowa.

This is going to reduce your sale price considerabley. I know it's a pain but a running driving car with your low mileage (I believe it was 54,000 miles or so???) should add double or more the cost to repair the small mechanical issues which were causing it to be a non driver.

It will need "gone through" as so many sellers say - tune up etc to run well and stay reliable, that's not what i am referring to - this is a great entry level car for the non monied Buick collector. I believe it had buckets seats and mini console.

Keep us updated on the attempts to sell. If you are serious, we can get it sold and I would buy it for sure if no one else expresses interest, we just lost track before and never completed the deal.


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