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IPC Goes Blank in High Temperatures


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PROBLEM<BR>My IPC Blanks out or Illuminates erratically in high temperature conditions. In addition to the blank IPC the CRT periodically alarms<BR>indicating an "ELECTRICAL PROBLEM Has Been Detected". (Note the CRT is fully functional whle the IPC is essentially BLACKED OUT)<P>I say this condition is temperature related because it has occurred in the winter when my defroster has been operating for a couple hours at MAX heat the IPC has BLACKED OUT. And most recently last week in 90+ degree weather it FRITZ'd out again. The condition clears shortly after shutting off the car for 20 to 30 minutes.<P>Data<BR>During the last occurrence I monitored trouble codes as follows E026 was in<BR>history and cleared during the condition. B336 was current and would not clear.<P>Questions<BR>Q1 - Factory Service Manual info for error code B336 says B336 can only be<BR>viewed as a history code ? but it was current when I viewed it, so I'm<BR>confused by this feedback in the FSM.<BR>Q2 - The FSM goes on to say a single intermittent open CKT 343 would set<BR>this code. ?. I have not been able to identify CKT 343 in the FSM. Could<BR>someone help me identify CKT343 maybe tell me what page in the FSM<BR>references this CKT?<BR>Q3 - Whats the Link between B336 & E026?<BR>Q4 - Any thoughts as to the link between Temperature and IPC behavior?<P>As always, Thanks<BR>VR<BR>bp<p>[ 08-15-2002: Message edited by: BP ]

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