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1911 Model 26 Buick identification and parts


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I have what I believe to be a 1911 Model 26 Buick.......are there any identifying stamps either on the engine, mounts, frame, etc. to identify this car? The car has been in storage for several years and is not running at this time. I have most of the parts except carbide lights and a carbide generator. Any suggestions? I am in South Carolina in the upstate. Are there any pictures of the rear of the car in circulation?

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The 1911 Model 26 had a 100" Wheel Base and 32 X 3 1/2" tires. Engine was 201 cubic inches with 4" X 4" bore & stroke.

I have the same engine in my 1913 Model 31, but your spark plugs may come out of the jugs at 90 degrees, mine are slightly angled.

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Guest imported_Thriller

The serial number should be on a plate on the left side of the frame...I don't know these cars, but typically it would be near the front wheel in later years.

According to the <span style="font-style: italic">Standard Catalog of Buick</span>, the engine serial number should be sequential starting at 1. It doesn't state a location though. That number should be stamped or punched in.

Good luck. Sounds like a great car.

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