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89 TC (sohc TII) new owner

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Hello everyone,

Been browsing this forum since March, but haven't managed to take the time to register and post until now.

My grandmother gifted me her TC back in April. I grew up with that car (<span style="font-style: italic">childhood road trips, "borrowed" it for a joy ride back when I was 16</span>), so I was ecstatic. It runs great, and after driving and researching it, my current goal is simply to maintain it. Took it to a Mopar car show back in May and enjoyed the positive response the car received.

I have almost every piece of paperwork ever associated with the car, including receipts from the shops it's been in, the '90 ad brochure from Chrysler, and the Italian receipt with attached signatures from the "assembly line". Even have the tool kit and umbrella.

Now, for the details I can remember off the top of my head:

89 TC with automatic trans., thusly a "TII" 2.2L sohc turbo (<span style="font-style: italic">16v would've been fantastic, but far beyond both my financial means and automotive know-how</span>.), yellow with tan interior (<span style="font-style: italic">smells like it did in the 90's</span>), approx. 51,250 miles, single previous owner (<span style="font-style: italic">purchased: fall of 89, finished in Italy: May, 31st, '89</span>)

It's dealt with a few incompetent mechanics over the years. Dealer treated it as a LeBaron back in the mid-90's, even replacing the power module? with a LeBaron's. They shipped it to Detroit?, where the problem was eventually discovered. It's been in 2 fender benders, considered minor in the police reports. No noticeable frame damage, but some of the panels were re-fitted. frown.gif The paint has also been touched up. Grandmother felt the seat switches were loose a "few" years back, so she took it to someone who removed and refitted the center console. Wire got pinched, eventually causing the door chime to ring constantly.

I believe it's the current shop, whose owner and current mechanic's father dealt with several TC's in town and even owned one or two himself, that rigged the wiring so that the door didn't chime but disabled the radio. It still works, though, just cant turn it on. Clock resets to 12:00 every time car's turned off. Equalizer clicks occaisionaly when a door is opened whil car is on, which grandma says is because it's attempting to calibrate itself. They also rebuilt the turbo a few years back and replaced the exhaust from the cat back, with what I believe is a 2.5" pipe and an odd custom twin tailpipe from the muffler.

The starter went out in March, and was supposedly replaced with a remanufactured starter. Grandma had the catalytic converter replaced at the same time (<span style="font-style: italic">it had gone bad awhile back and was rattling</span>). I noticed some slight rattling from the rear during right hand turns at low rpm. The starter died again July 19th (4 months to the day). Mentioned the rattle to the mechanic. Took it in on a Sunday, and they had it back to me within 3 hours, free of charge. I was so happy I forgot to quiz the mechanic on what the problem was, but am assuming something was loose. Mechanic told me over phone that they tweaked the exhaust, but I forget if and what he said about the starter. The rattle popped up during a particularly bumpy right hand turn a few days ago, but has been mostly absent since.

That's about all I can either remember or manage to write at the moment. I know how you guys love details, so feel free to quiz me. Grandma's still kicking and lives in town, so she's also available for questioning. I'll have pictures posted here asap, hopefully this weekend.

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Guest David Simons

Congratulations on the recent acquisition. Glad to hear your grandmother is well. That is not the way the story goes most of the time. As I am sure you have noticed, this forum is full of people willing and eager to be of some assistance when needed. Good luck with your TC and it is great to have you as part of our family.

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Nice question. That's my moniker. Grandma had vanity plates, too, but I probably shouldn't broadcast hers online. wink.gif

I've used variations of infamousX on the net since before 2000, and my Mom suggested N FAMOUS for the plates. It's perfect since the majority of people in online video games call me in-famous, mispronouncing it just like the Three Amigos, from whence the name infamous came in the first place!


P.S. Nicely done ride, inventor. Very slick. cool.gif

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