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1973 Coupe DeVille For Sale

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I have my dad's Coupe. It's Firemist green with a white top and interior. It has 54,000 miles. It hasn't been run in 18 years and needs restoration. The front seat was redone in vinyl. The trunk floor is rotted as is the area right around the wheel wells in front. Typical early 70's Cad rust problems. My dad died in 1977 and the car was used for a few years after that but was put away and stored inside for the last 18 years. I'd really like to see someone restore the car rather than scrap it so if anyone is interested they can post a reply here or at chacheska@verizon.net. I honestly don't know what it's worth in it's present condition. I'm in western N.Y. Thanks in advance.

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