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original paint color for 36 ford truck GREEN

Guest 1936 Ford Truck

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Guest 1936 Ford Truck


my 36 ford 1 ton truck is green, very faint green, where can I find the paint code for the original green?


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Can you get a shine back on part of that original paint??

We rubbed out the door on our Plymouth, and was able to get the original color back. Once that was done, we took the door to one of the larger automotive supply stores in the area, and they were able to scan the color into a computer, and then develop a paint formula of the original color with modern paints.

When you do this, you need to get a flat area, and get an area about the size of a playing card for them to scan.

Another way to get the shine is take a larger area (like a roof panel) take some Never Dull (cotton wadding) and try shining the area up with Never Dull. You may get the shine back with Never Dull. Don't use that stuff on a decent paint job, but Never Dull will work on an old faded out paint job.

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