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Proper wheel bolts?


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Some of my wheels have hex head 3" bolts that hold the split rim to the hub on my 19 DB. I did a search on the site and a search on various parts sites without any luck in finding the proper round head 7/16" X 3" carriage bolt with shoulder. Anyone pass along a name of a vendor for these?

Thanks in advance,


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Guest John1918

Hi Trent, I have been looking for some for years. Closest I came was some Ford T ones which were about 1/4" too short but in all other respects the same, identical head, diameter and thread as well as being high tensile. The Ford T dealer avoided telling me where he got them from, I had hoped to contact the manufacturer and ask them to make longer ones.


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Guest imouttahere

I assume that you have wood spoke wheels.

Do you mean the bolts that mount the rim on the felloe, or the bolts that mount the spokes to the hub?

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