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rear brake rotors made in USA


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time to replace the rear brake rotors on my 88. I recently bought Bendix front rotors that were made in USA. Bendix has always worked well for me. It's getting harder to find Bendix parts, though - a parts guy told me their domestic production was expected to end soon.

RockAuto lists these brands of rear rotors:

RAYBESTOS Part # 5870R

WAGNER Part # BD60843

ACDELCO Part # 18A201

Has anyone used one of these? Good quality? Made in USA?

I could buy the Wearever or other various Chinese-made rotors at Advance Auto or Pep Boys, but I'd rather find USA-made (or at least Western hemisphere-made) rotors.

Also - is it feasible to have my used rear rotors cut on a lathe to remove any wear or ripples? They look rather thin as-is, but I don't have the minimum thickness spec. Are the rear rotors generally made for single use, no cutting?

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Guest Greg Ross

You can buy a premium rotor that comes much thicker. I would say these type would stand being machined once . If you're running ceramic pads then the rotor is likely going to be worn out by the time the pads are shot.

To get the minimum thickness you would have to speak to a shop that has a brake rotor lathe, they would have that data.

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Guest Mike_s

I purchased some rotors from NAPA about 2 years ago, their casting said made in Canada. The Napa parts guy should be able to tell you who makes them for Napa by the part # Prefix code.

That being said, Napa seems to be getting a bit pricy around here

FWIW I eventually used Wagner thermoquiet pads in my rear calipers because they fit better than the other pads I had wanted to use.

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purchasing history:

2001: front rotors - Bendix, made in Canada

2001: rear rotors - store brand, made in China frown.gif

2008: front rotors - Bendix, made in USA *

2008: rear rotors - Bendix, made in USA **

* Old rotors were taken out of service. Rust ridge on rotor. Could probably be cut on a lathe. Decided to replace with Bendix USA-made rotors in case USA-made ones become extinct.

** Wife insisted on buying USA-Made Bendix rears, searched for the parts and ordered them herself. She said "I don't want to buy cheap Chinese junk for my Reatta" cool.gif

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