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Looking for a decent AMC for 3,000 in Maine

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Hey guys,

My heart may belong to GM, but I am a huge secret admirer of AMC and have been for years. I have been looking for a decent AMC vehicle for a while and that search has been reborn due to a 1970 Hornet I looked at two weeks ago. It was mint, but only had the 232 and I didn't want to pay 6,000 for a six cylinder (I would have all day long if it was the SC/360). I was wondering if someone here might know of a good place to find AMC's for sale on the internet. I am looking to score something for around 3,000 dollars give or take a little. I'm willing to check out any model, but the Rebel SST, Hornet and Eagle all drum up special interest. Obviously having a Javelin or AMX would be sweet but my spending money isn't enough. I live in Maine, so if there are any other Mainers or New Englanders looking to sell, respond please! Thanks.


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