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'27 transmission ball cap


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Swapped out the 3.0 to 1 ruckstell for a 3.63 the other day. While it was out I slid the ball cap out to wipe clean and inspect, put it back in, installed rear end, everything went swell. Then was re reading the Model T service manual and it said to be sure and put the oil hole to the top (on the ball cap). I didn't remember seeing an oil hole so tonite I remove floor boards, hogs head cover, etc and looked inside and could not see a hole, so I undid the bolts and rotated the ball cap all 4 positions at least 4 times. It does not have a hole. Did the 27's not have an oil hole? If they did, how important is it? I assume it is to supply oil to the babbit surface. Is there enough splash to lube it anyway?

Thanks in advance.

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Pulled the rear end, removed the ball cap. DOES have a hole, farther to the rear than the sample I had, and yes it was in wrong, hole was to the side. Only took an hour and 20 minutes to R&R so it is back on the road again.

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