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Distributor Question.?


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I removed my V12 disributor for inspection and noticed the coil brushes were either worn down or stuck in their slots. I want to order and replace these brushes.

My guess is that you would normaly just be able to pull them out and stick the new ones in. My problem is, I am unable to grasp any part of the old brushes. Any suggestion on how to get them out without damaging the distributor.

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Guest peter_smith

Hello again

I can only suggest that maybe one of those small high speed drills, with a 1/16" drill in it, and gradualy chew away at the carbon until it breaks up, you will then have to hook the spring out with a piece of wire, then clean up the hole with abrasive before fitting the new ones.

Have you fitted your new points yet?? I am having ignition problems at the present time, and have taken the opertunity to do some experimenting with the timing settings.

I have had the distributor off 4 or 5 times after fitting new points, I found that after setting the dwell to 40deg then doing 100 miles or so, it had altered to 38 deg, presumably this was the points heels bedding in to the cam, so it may pay you to allow for this and set your dwell at 42deg, also use only the slightest smear of high melting point grease on the cam.

I will write up what I found with the timing when Iv'e sorted this miss problem out.

Anyone who has experimented with the timing on the V12s please jump in here.


Peter Smith

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