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Maserati 228i project


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Hi! I am working on Maserati 228i project.I i bought a car from scotland.There was a timing belt fitted incorecly after changing a waterpump,and the result was seized valves.I have received prices from Maserati dealership in italia www.campanacarrozzeria.it

I was told they have the biggest warehouse for old Maseratis in europe.Prices are way to high for my project,and used engine spares would be the best choise for me.I need whole engine or the following parts: 5 but better 6 exhaust valves, and 12 inlet valves with timing belt covers.

Engines with knocking crankshaft (seized bottom end) would be also fine.I also need front bonet,but it depends on prize whether i buy used or repair old one. If anybody has these parts or now repair specialist or brakers that do have them,please send me some info.I will be very thankfull for information!

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I see the 228's for sale here and there (mostly when I am checking on TC Maserati's ;)) I love that interior and the 5Spd car do look intriging... But I am fairly sure the TC Maserati's don't share any parts with the 228's. I could be wrong though, I've only seen pics blush.gif


By the way, where are you and this car located Algis, I wouldn't mind seeing one in the flesh sometime.

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