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1963 Wildcat - 31,390 miles - 445 4bl - All Original


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I have a 1963 Buick Wildcat 4 door hardtop (45 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR...) I am going to be selling. I really dont want to get rid of her, but I just dont feel right letting her sit around. I haven't driven it more than twice since I got it about 15 years ago.

It has a 445 4 barrel in it. It fires right up and runs great!

It is red leather interior without a mark on it, absolutely no holes anywhere in it, the carpeting is in perfect shape as well, just needs cleaned, and I didnt want to clean it cause I dont want to ruins its original state.

There are a few little rust spots on it where a rock or something very small may have hit it when it was out years ago and the rust is just poking through the paint.

EVERYTHING ON IT IS ORIGINAL. My Grandfather had this car since it was new, and I grew up with it. It was a hard decision to sell it, but I just cant stand to let it sit around and do nothing. I am not really into the older car scene and showing or going to shows, just never enough time... :-(

I will be listing this car on EBAY on Friday 18 July 2008 unless someone on here sees it and wants to make me an offer for it.

I can be reached at TomMcConnellRealtor@gmail.com

I will have additonal pictures, if you would like to see them, or you might be interested in the car, please let me know before I list in on EBAY this Friday.

The Car Is Located in Central Pennsylvania, and I will trailer deliver it for a mileage rate.







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i may be interested. It isn't exactly on my top 10 list, but I have an affinity to original cars and Buicks are always on the list, and 4 doors are great for family outings.

Please email additional photos, especially of the rust or damage you mention.

How much do you want for her?

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: OTM3andMJM</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hey Gecco...

I just listed it on EBAY.

I wasn't getting much response from here so I put it out there.

There are more pictures there... I can and will cancel the auction for an offer I deem 'satisfying' for the car.

Wildcat on EBAY

If you need any other questions answered, please contact me.

Thanks! Tom </div></div>

Board rules actually require you to indicate your price. You have it on ebay with a reserve, then you must have a price that you can post here, Thanks

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I go out there alot, My inlaws actually live in Hubbard.

From Youngstown to Cresson is almost 3 hours.

It takes me 2 hours 20 minutes to get to hubbard...

So whatever it takes you to get to hubbard, add that to it.

Thanks! Sorry I must have opened this before you typed that question last night, I did not see it there before I poasted my other one...

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Using an old car value guide would be a good starting point:

1963 BUICK WILDCAT Dsp/HP Eng Fair Good Exc Show Loan

4D HARDTOP 1963-64 401/325 V8 2,600 4,800 8,300 12,000 4,300

here is the starting point for this particular online Value Guide (Manheim Gold):


I had a one owner original paint 63 LeSabre 2 door hardtop and it was an AZ car (NO RUST anywhere), straight and had low miles, but not as low as yours:






I tried to sell it 5 years ago for $3200 and had NO interest from anyone, not even from overseas. I finally paid a local guy that had a 72 El Camino to take it in trade. He tried to sell it for 6-8 more months and finally sold it to someone from the Netherlands (?, western Europe area). I think he said he had over $300 in Auto Trader ads ... It was a nice ride and a great old car, but I was disappointed to find the lack of interest for a clean, one owner, fantastic running (NO drips) two door hardtop. Hopefully yours with even LOWER miles and the Wildcat option will find a deserving caretaker, it is obvious your family kept it as nice as they could.

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just a bit of advice for you, people HATE to bid on reserve auction cars, you will not get as many people serious about bidding if they think you have an unrealistic reserve

If you want to get the most out of the sale, i would drop the reserve and sell it to the highest bid

No one bids until the last seconds of the sale anyway, so don't get disappointed and end the sale from a "lack of interest"

Make sure you state in the description you will NOT end the sale early, people are leary of that too

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hubbard is about 15 minutes SE of me. in fact, my cousin owns a steel company out there.

As you probably know, i dropped a couple bids on the car on ebay, but I am not interested anywhere near $10,000. $4500 would be pushing it - we'll see how it goes.

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good documentation could include;

original factory invoice ( very nice to have)

original warranty paperwork, to original owner, named

repair history, bills, receipts, with a good record chain of dates and mileage at repair event(s)

original registration cards

and, pictures in its day, or contemporary to its original vintage. Pictures are of interest, but not necessarily the best documentation.

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any paperwork that ties the car to you and back to your grandfather as far back to 1963 as you can, as John outlined - copies of original title, bill of sale, license registrations, etc. anything that can authenticate the history of the car to be essentially a "one-owner" or one-family" piece.

It won't get you $10,000 for her, but it may help get you a bit more than you might otherwise, will possibly get more people interested or at least raise the comfort level in those already interested.

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hey tom,

just checked mapquest; you are about 2:45 from my doorstep. If we can work something out, maybe I could just meet you halfway to pick up the car (like Cranberry or something...) How far are you from Dayton? (my college roommate lives up there)

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Dayton Ohio is alot further from me that Youngstown.

Dayton is almost 5 hours from me.

What would you do, bring a trailer as well?

It would probably be easier if one of us just made the trip straight through.

Let me know what you want to do if you do get it.

That kind of stuff is just stuff you never think of keeping.

I am not even sure I have ever even seen a picture of that car, funny as it is, now that you mention it.

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Hey Kevin...

As someone else asked, I do have the owners manual, with a date handwritten on the cover. (cant remember what it is exactly) but it is probably the date the car was delivered. It is as new as the day it was printed.

As far as driving it. There is an oil drip from around the filter. I am not sure if I would try and drive it that far either on the belts / hoses, as they have probably never been replaced as well, I know I had the car for the last 18 years, so they are at least that old.

I can get a flat tilt trailer and I have a 2500HD Diesel that would pull it likes its not even there... If I bring it to you, Thats how its coming...

Thanks for the questions... Times running out... Good Luck!

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