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New Glidden Era Award...Thanks VMCCA!

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Please read the attachment: VMCCA had developed this great new cloisonne badge for 1903-1913 era cars that participate in the Glidden Tours. AACA and VMCAA host the Glidden on alternate years and this is just one more instance of clubs working together to benefit the hobby. Our thanks go out to VMCCA for taking the lead on this great idea and bringing it to fruition. This is sure to be a coveted award and hopefully will help us to see more brass era cars on the world famous Glidden Tours.


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That would be a nice addition to any Glidden Era car Steve. If you look at the list of the 50 cars in this VMCCA Event 66 years ago only 7 are Post 1913. I'll send you copy for the AACA Library. I know were about 6 cars are now, wonder were the others are?



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Today's cloisonne badge is tomorrow's coveted collectible, and the VMCCA's new award is no exception.

I found these buried in a listing on ebay a few months ago, and couldn't resist.



They're from the 1959 Glidden Revival Tour, and the same brass casting for the pin on right was mounted on the grille badge. It's a splendid rendition of the Glidden Trophy, right down to the little Napier car perched atop the globe,

which is now missing from the original trophy.


Definitely a keeper!


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The pin on the right; Glidden Trophy; was presented to participants at the 1969 Glidden in Gatlinburg TN. That was my parents first Glidden of many. My parents each received one. I found one at a Swap Meet several years ago. If I'm not mistaken they are made of Bronze. Much like the Indy 500 Pit Pass pins.

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After re-reading the information, I am now confused. confused.gif

Is this badge only being offered on this year's Glidden Tour or is it something that will offered each year from now on?

Thanks in advance.


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