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Top Pull down won't let go!

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OK, this little problem seems to be getting steadily worse. The left side of the soft top will not disengage from the pull down mechanism. If you disengage the right and cycle the motor it usually 'jumps' out when it stops. Top latches again OK, but more pressure is required than on the right side.

Would this be an adjustment, lube job or something worse (and more expensive?!?)

Pardon my ignorance, but up until last weekend, I'd had never poked around in the top storage well. I attacked the rest of the car with a 'super sudsy bomb' and it was dusty in there! Still, I was careful not to go 'wet and wild' in there. I was a little concerned though to see rust on one of the seams.


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My soft top was adjusted in Tucson, slid forward a little for a nicer fit. Lift the tonnou cover and look at the pull down motor area. Could be out of adjustment. My top pulled down too much, for a really tight fit. I needed to raise the whole assembly to make it easier on the motors. Good luck.

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Tony, Yes, lube the pull down points and pivoting parts of the mechanisim with a dry film lubricant (like PB Blaster's) But it does sound like you need an adjustment. The entire pull down assembly (motor and frame) can be slid up/down (or forward by adding washers) by loosening the 10mm nuts that locate the assembly. Two nuts on each side and don't forget the middle ones, Just get an idea of where it is now, then make some minor adjustments to raise/lower to see if you have improved your problem.


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