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oil pressure problem?

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Mike, My old Dodge truck is the same way , being on the high side. Come to find out, it is an electrical issue with the gauge. Put a manual gauge on it to answer your question in your own mind. You do not have to mount one permanent. Hook it where the pressure sender comes out , a simple hand gauge will do. Lots of times you can not put much stock in the accuracy of an electric gauge. Sure it will let you know if you have pressure or not but it may be a good idea to cross check it with a hand manual gauge. Good luck, David

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Hey, is this a Corvair forum or what? smirk.gif Just kidding Griz and Lou grin.gif I've seen a few that I really like but there is a sky blue (and rust colored) beater 'vert that I see around town that kinda ruins it for me. It's trashed out, clapped out and doesn't have a strait panel on it, he keeps the floorboards so filled with fast food and other trash it looks like a family of packrats live in it mad.gif. Someone should take that car away from him. Hmm, I bet if the fanbelt got loosened or cut somehow, he'd probably drive it till the motor siezed whistle.gif


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