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Quick ABS light question


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I don't want to start another long thread<BR>about the yellow ABS light, just a quick <BR>question. I just picked up my 4th Reatta.<BR>A 1990 White/blue and it had been sitting<BR>for a few months(6). The owner swears the<BR>yellow light was never on. It is now on. Do<BR>you think it is a relay that is bad from<BR>sitting? Or something else. I am going to <BR>replace the relays soon but thought someone<BR>might have experience in this area.<BR>Thanks<BR>DA

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Cars in storage tend to have weird electrical happenings when put back on the road. My Studebaker overdrive doesen't operate correctly sometimes. It is just the relay or solenoid hung up. But after a couple of tries, it works fine. Then it's fine for a year or so.<P>In your case, your problem may go away as you drive the car. May sound strange for it to fix itself, but this is the nature of electrical-mechanical components like relays and switches.<P>It would be a very good idea to replace the two firewall mounted ABS relays just "because."<P>Enjoy number four.

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