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There is no specific forum for Hupmobiles unless one is added. There is a Hupmobile Club that prints a Quarterly Magazine plus a a bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to selling or wanting both parts and cars.

Once or twice a year the club has a rally some were in the USA. The tour was near Detroit MI in 2006, Dayton OH in 2007, Topeka KS in 2008, with 2009 near Harrisburg PA. There are from 25 to 45 cars and from 60 to 125 people for the 5 day rally.

There are about 600 Hupmobile owners around the world with all but about 60 in the USA and Canada. The total known cars is about 1,000 from 1909 to 1941.

What year and model is the car you are considering. Is the car restored or is it a project car? Is the car close to you and what part of the country are you located. It would be nice if you will post some photos.

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The car is a '38 Hupp 8. It is perhaps a 2.5 hour drive from home. The car was minimally restored some 30 years ago as it now shows only 41K miles but it has deteriorated over time. It runs and drives but brakes need done and water pump leaks - easily fixed. I'm in south central Texas.

Brand new to this forum and do not understand how to post pics yet. I don't have URLs to reference where my pics are located. Would like to embed pics with this message but haven't figured out how as yet.

Thanks for your response.

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