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12V Accesories in a 6V car?

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I just wrote an article on this topic and is posted at:


Since the article was published, another vendor was discovered that also has converters/inverters:


Keep in mind the most important issue is to not run the 12V accessory while the car is not running (recharging the battery). The current draw for 6V to 12V can drain the battery quickly.


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Any reputable electronics supplier should have or be able to get a 6 volt to 12 volt inverter. Just be sure to add up your requirements so you get enough amperage. At one time I had three inverters installed at the same to cover the items I wanted to run.

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A friend of mine ran a 12 volt stereo in his 6 volt VW Beetle for years. All he did was put a 12 volt motorcycle battery in the front luggage compartment and hook it up.

Once a week he would put a battery charger on overnight.

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