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Lincolns Zephyrs on the street,

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Hey all, happy 4rth. crank up the 12 and

go run out on the nearest country road..go furthur than u dare (c,mon u have a cell) these cars love 2 lane , no traffic cruising..top down or open all windows.....now if td and frankie start singin

marie on the radio well..you will know that u have arrived in the 3rd dimension <span style="font-weight: bold"> </span>

I am too young I guess but I have never seen anyone driving a lz. I think I saw a postwar

conv coupe in columbus on i71..i about sh"".

I think its way cool that Phil drove that connie..Mr Burdette had a bunch of diff ones...how long has it been since they were seen on the road..i have been looking since the early 70s!!

I mean, was it as kids you guys saw them...I have read twotz..Mr Coleman etc..but did normal folks have these cars..tell us about that blue sedan that was down the street from your school etc......

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"u have arrived in the 3rd dimension"? ==> I certainly hope so, otherwise it's going to be pretty difficult driving your car in a two-dimensional space wink.gif

Well, I did the best I could right now -- changed the oil in the Mustang, checked everything out, lubed all the proper points, etc., and took her for a spin last night. I was out with my 12 year-old son, and I told him that cruising in a '66 Mustang listening to Led Zeppelin on the radio is something that we did 30+ years ago.

I'll have to wait until the Zepyr is done to time trip back further than that. But in answer to your question, I've never seen a Zephyr on the road. I think the oldest cars I remember seeing on the road regularly were late 40's shoebox Fords, but it's been a long time...

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Well, it's pretty rare, but if you're at the right place at the right time, you can get a glimpse of Jake Fleming driving his 1941 Lincoln Zephyr coupe from Dallas, Texas to Salado, Texas on Interstate 35 every April to the annual LCOC Texas regional spring meet. It's about a 300+ mile round trip and Jake has done it every year for quite some time. In fact, Jake drove his Zephyr to Austin for a photo shoot introducing the Lincoln Mark LT truck in 2005. I have also driven the '39 Zephyr and the '41 Continental to Salado (it's only an 80 mile round trip).

But, you're absolutely correct, I doubt if ANYBODY drives these cars as daily transportation any more. They're fun for (cautious) recreational driving, but too valuable for regular exposure to today's traffic. I've been known to drive either the '39 Zephyr or the '41 Continental to the local "cruise-in" on Saturday evening, but that's only a 12 mile round trip.

I drove the Continental to the local Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer several months ago and almost NOBODY knew what it was! Even fewer folks could identify the "A" sticker on the windshield as a World War II gas rationing sticker.



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I take my 36 sedan out frequently, weekend fun trips, etc. usually 50-100 miles over the weekend. Several times a year I drive to functions 100-200 miles away, no problem. (So far, I've never been stranded with it, delayed once for a flat tire, ran out of gas a couple times before I fixed the gauge.) The only thing I worry about is getting stranded for something simple that I could fix, but don't want to carry the parts or tools to do it. I figure that if I have troubles on the road, I can get the car to a safe place, and go fetch it with a trailer the next day if it's too far to retrieve the same day.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: CBoz</div><div class="ubbcode-body">"u have arrived in the 3rd dimension"? ==> I certainly hope so, otherwise it's going to be pretty difficult driving your car in a two-dimensional space wink.gif


I bet we'd get better gas mileage in two dimensions though...

I'm just getting my '47 Connie Convertible back into running shape... it's above average in appearance but it had been parked for a long time before it fell into my hands, so I'm still working out the kinks, last week it had its longest round trip (without the aid of a tow-truck) at just under six miles.... but once I get things ironed out I'll gladly start putting some more serious miles on her.... after all, these cars were meant to be driven..

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I like to get out and drive my 37 Zephyr as much as possible when the sun is out, Iv'e done about 650 miles this year, after I got my fuel starvation problems sorted, and it did about 400 miles trouble free, I have been having intermittent ignition problems lately, but the car always gets me home, I will eventualy get that sorted out.

With fuel prices as they are in the UK, approx 10-11$ a gallon it is hard on the wallet. (it's a no brainer really, either eat, or drive the Lincoln).

I was out with it last week, we did about 80 miles there and back, just went out for lunch with my brother and a pal, It was a red hot day, I parked it in a small village, left the windows open, and the CD on playing 30s 40s music, (my brothers choice, I am more of a rock fan, but the 30s 40s does suit the car) I think I could have sold tickets to the crowd that gathered around it, it always generates a lot of interest and questions, it is frequently mistaken for a Ford V8, and people are amazed when you lift the lid and there is a V12 in thier face.

Anyway, here is to more sunny days, and lower fuel prices.

(I am the ugly one on the left, the other ugly one is my pal)

Peter Smith UK


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That two-tone paint job really looks distinguished on that car, Peter. $11 a gallon for gas, and we complain over here when it's $4? I'm sure there was a time during your car's life that many Brits and Yanks would have been happy to get fuel at *any* price.

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I used to drive all three of my pre-WWII cars at least once a week to the post office, bank and/or church. That's changed a bit. As gas has gone up and I office at home, I now ride my bike to the five mile round trip to the post office and bank each day and just take the cars out on Saturdays or to shows. So the 37 LZ goes out every third Saturday for my weekend errands, then gets to rest while I use the 34 Auburn the next weekend and the 36 Cord the following. We had a local show over the 4th and had all of them there. When I got home took a photo of the three parked in the backyard along with our 65 Mustang Fastback. It was the first time I've ever shot the four of them together. Kind of fun to look at four really unique and timeless designs side by side.



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