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Hi All,

Just thought I'd share my latest project. I remember a previous post and if I remember an umbrella on ebay? that had the wooden shift knob on it. Well I got a shift knob off Ebay , not too bad of shape. I took it and refinished it then replaced the black handle on on of my umbrellas. Here's some pics.

All refinished and ready to mount.


The ubrella with the old handle removed and with a handle 'cap' I fashioned on the shaft.


Here's the finished item...




Won't bore ya with all the details of how I did it unless there's an interest in knowing. The handle turned out great when I refinished it...looks better than the one's on my cars!! crazy.gif

Have a Great 4th everyone!!!


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Thanks CC!! smile.gif I think I read somewhere that , in the initial stages, they had planned on doing something similar. But I am assuming the bean counters got involved and nixed the idea due to cost. Had they known the short production life of the TC and low volume of parts needed, they would have realized cost wasn't an issue, and maybe proceeded with the idea... smile.gif

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