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Riviera question

Guest BREH

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Per Richard Langworths book "Illustrated Buick Buyer's Guide" there were 11 turbo 3.8 V-6 convertibles made in 1984.<P>I am open for comments but believe the "T" option and the engine were seperate order options. Meaning you could by a 3.8 turbo without the "T" option. I have never seen a "T" type convertible with any engine.

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Looked at the Riviera club list and do not see any details. <P>I checked two other sources.<BR>The Buick, A Complete History, list 11 V6, and 47 turbo V6.<BR>Standard Catalog of Buick, agrees with the rest, that 500 convertibles were made (1,153 "T"type coupe were also made) The "T" type was a different model number, indication that there were no "T" type convertibles made. However the Standard catalog doesn't break the V6 in the convertible down, only indicating that there were 58 convertibles with V6.<P>So one source says 11 turbo V6's, the other 47 turbo v6.

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