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28 Pierce Arrow Brake Boots

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I have finally started to work on my Pierce model 81. I removed the wheels to get new tubes and a spare tire installed, while that is being done I am going through all lubrication areas. I removed one front wheel to lube the mechanical brake cam and was impressed with the beefy cast aluminum brake shoes and machined bronze cam housing. The previous owner had the brake linings replaced but had left one brake spring unattached and had not adjusted the brakes at all. I adjusted them out for a tiny amount of drag and it made a big difference in the pedal feel and that is just the first wheel! The area where I need some help is where the cam rotating rod enters the backing plate. This was originally covered with a rubber boot, part number 99008 in my PA parts book. The boot is long gone, poorly replaced by what looks like a piece of someone's underwear, see picture. Does anyone know a source for something like this? I tried Steele but no luck. I would be surprised to find an exact replacement available but I assume I could make something else serve if I could find an assortment. Any help would be appreciated.

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