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1956 324 Timig Marks

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Just tried to optimize and adjust the timing of my '56 98 and was wondering where the timing marks are. I checked the balancer for them, but without any success. I checked the shop manual but no pic or mention, where these marks are placed. I assume they should be located on the balancer as there is this spline reaching out of the block on the drivers side next to the balancer ...

Could someone therefore please post a pic of where they are hidden and how they do look like as I am afraid there is something quite essential missing.

Thanks a lot.


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It, not they, is indeed on the balancer. The mark is a 1/4" wide notch cut into the back edge of the balancer outer rim. It doesen't go across the entire balancer rim. Very hard to see. The leading edge of the notch is 5 BTDC, the trailing edge is TDC. Reccomended timing is 5 BTDC.

Once you find the mark fill it with white or yellow paint.........Bob

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Shouldn't need to change it but you do need to check it after installation. I have seen a Pertronix allow a little more initial timing but you'll have to experiment with what the engine likes, and with current fuel blends that are designed for fuel-injected engines, that may be tough.

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It would be best to find Top Dead Center on #1 cylinder and make a new mark on the FRONT of the pulley.


The vibration damper sometimes has slipped on older pulleys and the mark(s) have moved away from the pointer.


However, the front of the pulley assembly is rigid to the crankshaft and cannot move.


It may or may not line up with the factory notch. If it does, fine.  If not the new mark will give you 0 degrees Top Dead Center.


Had to do both of my 1961's, marked the front pulley surface with a small cutting wheel on a Dremel tool after 


having both dampers re manufactured. I could have gone without rebuilding the dampers but I like having the 


factory marks correct.


Good luck, Dave



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