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Fun or Depressing Math

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I decided to add up my TC's Hobby Bills. Its a good thing I enjoy driving the car. Financially, I could never recover what I've invested so far (and will probably continue to).

Of course, below does not account for the hours spent by myself in labor.

Item Cost Comment

1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati $3,000.00 Abilene, TX

Replace Fuel Filter and Fuel Lines $188.34 Pep Boys

New Champion Plugs $5.56 Pep Boys

Water Wetter $6.99 Pep Boys

Rebuild CV Joints $138.72 Auto Axle

Reverse Flush Cooling System $69.99 Valvoline Shop

Flush Power Steering $69.99 Valvoline Shop

Right Rear Window Motor $47.86 LSUTigerDad

New Rotors and Pads $167.96 Capital Parts

Power Mirror Switch $55.00 LSUTigerDad

& Headlight Piece

Flush Transmission w/Filter $223.96 Lone Star Chrysler

Door Handle Escutcheon $15.00 Car Chick

New Haartz Fabric Top (Black) $360.00 LSUTigerDad

Odometer Gears $54.00 Odometergear.com

New Evaporator & Heater Core $151.27 Auto Air

New Condenser $108.07 Auto Air

New HVAC Door $16.71 Lone Star Chrysler

New Headlight Switch $57.82 Lone Star Chrysler

A/C Compressor, Drier, $574.27 Auto Air

& Hoses, R134

New Battery $89.51 Firestone

Total $5,401.02

Accumulator (Pending) $106.93 gmpartsdirect.com

Gas Shocks/Struts (Pending) $308.00 TireRack

Shelby Daytona Spring Set $50.00 Gary Donovan

Total $464.93

Grand Total $5,865.95

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On the other side of the coin, that money could have bought a used car that would continue to go down in value......and still need those parts one by one.

I have a 96 Olds and a windshield wiper jet is 36 dollars. Or free at a junkyard. If and when I junk it, the trunk lock will be saved for the TC. wink.gif

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