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Black beauty

'67 Riviera needs help

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Hi there...

1 month ago my dream finally came true-

I'm the proud owner of my dreamcar-a wonderful black 1967 Buick Riviera-and here it is:(applause now!)





To make it perfect for me only a few things have to be done:

1) The center steering link is worn out-but where can I get a new one?

I only find the ones for '71&up rivs or people who'd do an exchange...

2)I'm going to change the wheel and tiresize and have a problem with the wheels: The car has 205/70/15 tires on (I think) original 15x7 steelwheels.

I want to change that to 15x8 in the front and 15x9.5 in the back.

My problem is the backspace: As the finned drumbrake is bigger than the wheel I can only put wheels on it that have the original backspace of 3 1/2'' -right? (and the Riv has the 5x5 bolt pattern-also right?)

(In the front are diskbrakes-so there shouldn't be a problem)

What wheelsizes do you know that fit a 1967 Riviera without using an adapter?

I also thought about 17'' wheels-do you know which sizes I could use ? Do you probably have some pics of 67 Rivieras with custom wheels/tiresizes?

I only find such things and these are a bit too much for me:-)


Thanx for your help!!!

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The center links for '67 - 70 Rivieras are all the same and they share the part number with 67-68 Wildcats. You might want to check and see if that part would also be the same for some Cadillac, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile chassis. You should be able to find one fairly easily. Go to the the Rivowners website and look at the restoration link in the member's only section. There are a couple of vendors who show a listing for that part. Classic Buick wants $260.00 for theirs.

Just be glad it's not a '66. That was a one year, one make, one model, only item. (Old engine in the new body on the new chassis.)

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Thanx! just bought this one on ebay this one on ebay...hope it will fit...:-)

And-someone knows something about my tire-problem?

stock backspace...biggest possible backspace...?

I also thought about buying 17'' wheels to get past the drumbrakes but as I think I got a my backspace of 3 1/4 in the back (I didn't measure front) I need to buy wheels with a custom backspace...:-(

Any experiences with this sizes?

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Take the car in to a tire / wheel store and have them measure for you. A friend of mine did this with his '65 and he's now running 17's with no bump or rub anywhere at any wheel angle or deflection.


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