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Hey christopher I have a silver streak business man coupe I am restoring I am in the process of switching over to 12 volt system I found a guy who is converting my generator to a altinator honestly he explained the whole process and now I am eliminating unnecessary wires. The guy is actually taking the generator core out using the same casing and exterior parts and stuffing an altinator inside so it looks like a generator but is really running a12 v system now I can add other electrical components if need or want

Just remember restoring means back to original, 12 volts and a alternator makes your car a modified car. That will change your antique insurance ( if you have that type of insurance ), and will if you ever show your car put you in with all the modified cars.

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New to this site, am looking for some information on my Canadian Pontiac Streamliner 4 door, appears to be originally green.

Many parts are missing and not too sure on restoring or putting modern rolling chassis and power in it.


Model 22-08

Serial 0220828707

Engine W137154

Body Serial 2430

Trim 431

Paint 55


I also have a  1950 Pontiac Chieftain 4 door that is all original

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