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I have purchased a Willys, does anyone know of a Willys Aero club?

I will be looking for parts in the future and need some expert advice.

The vacuum windshield wiper moves about ¼ inch when the wiper is turned on or off.

The overdrive is engaged and pulling the handle out doesn’t turn it off.



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You might try squirting a small amount of WD40 into the inlet of the wiper. It's possible the vacuum wipes is dry from lack of use and needs lubrication to get it moving.

Did you get any spare parts with the car?

Enjoy !

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The vacuum line from the fuel pump to the wiper motor does not create a vacuum. It has a slight amount of pressure in puffs. By passing the fuel pump and connecting directly to the manifold vacuum, the wipers work. I guess the problem is in the fuel pump. It looks new and I have 2 backup ones but no knowledge of their condition. I checked with a shop in Hemmings and they want $250.00 shipping.

The car has a rubber mat in the front but appears to have indoor/outdoor carpet in the back seat. What is the correct floor covering for an Aero-Ace?

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If the car has one of the Vacuum assist fuel pumps you may just need a diaphram fro the vacuum side. You might check NAPA for a kit. Not sure on the floor covering. In those years floor mats were typically an aftermarket item. I would remove for now and go with out the turf !

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The Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club International welcomes all owners of Aero Willys and 1955 Willys Bermuda/Custom models. We have several people in the organization well versed in these cars. There is a link on this website to various clubs including our group. Feel fee to check us out.

Jack Mueller

Club Historian

Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club International


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First of all...nice Aero! Finding a rust free example doesn't happen very often. About your questions...there's a fellow who advertises in Hemmings who will rebuild your fuel pump for about half what you mentioned. They're in Massachusetts and is known as the Antique Auto Parts Cellar. I've been to his shop and he runs a good business.

All Aeros except for the Eagles and Eagle Customs came with a rubber mat as floor covering for both the front and rear seat areas. Replacements are not available so you'll probably have to eyeball another and try to cut/fit. Or, do what the rest of us have done, install a carpet set.


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I replaced the fuel pump with a non-vacuum side and hocked the wiper line direct to the manifold. The wiper works but has the usual problem going up hill. I try to avoid driving in the rain as I don't enjoy cleaning it up. Yes, I will need to go the carpet route.

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Nice looking Willys. I have a 53 Lark myself. No where near that nice.

I would suggest contacting Rick Kamen the " Aero Man"


and for parts Kaiser Willys Auto in SC


Also on the wipers for my Aero I used Rain-X on the windsheild. It helped reduce friction and they worked a little smoother.

Good Luck


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You have a '53 Ace, so it should have a black rubber floor mat up front and brownish "goat-hair" carpet for the rear seat. Sorry to disagree with my old friend JimKF about this.

Your fuel pump should be a double pumper, make sure that the diaphragms are intact. Make sure the line to the wiper is new and leak free. The Trico wiper motor has a leather (I think) seal on the flapper inside that may have shrunk. Someone once told me that automatic transmission fluid will swell it up again but I never tried that.

As far as the wiper motor just about stopping on uphills and acceleration, welcome to the wonderful world of vacuum wipers.

Anything else give me a shout.

Rick Kamen


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