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1930 Headlight Switch

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Halp!!!! The headlight switch for my 1930 model 46 is toast. Literally. I disassembled it only to find that the headlight contacts were badly burnt and pitted. The phenolic wafer that the contacts were mounted to were burnt and brittle from the heat. I attempted to drill out the old contacts and replace them with a brass screw or something. When I tried to remove one of them, the brittle phenolic wafer disintigrated. So, if there are any of you out there that might be able to help, I'd appreciate it. (Bob's doesn't have any....). I guess in the mean time, I will rig up some toggle switches temporarily under the dash.

Let me clarify by what I mean by help. I need to buy either an entire switch or at least the bottom half with the contacts on it. So if anyone has one laying around they'd sell, I'd sure be interested.

Sorry for my absence from the board. I've had many personal disasters in the last several months. Hopefully I'm done with that for awhile.

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Well, emergency is over. I took the switch apart and drilled out the bad contact and replaced it with a #8 flathead brass screw (I think it was #8). It now works perfectly. I repaired the broken phenolic wafer with JB Weld.

I just bought another switch on Ebay, so I should be covered now. See you all in Flint. I'm driving it there from St. Louis. Yes I said driving. I'm an idiot.

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If you expect to travel around the Toledo area on the 16th, let us know the time, we will try to look for you. Most of the group we are traveling with have newer cars, but still 40 years old. I expect on that segment we will be using the Interstates.

And I do not think you are an idiot, either. I had considered a slower trip with my '32, but with July heat, and I bit more hills than from St. Louis, I was afraid it would not be an all too pleasant trip. Good think I have another Buick to bring.


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