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WTB 32 Ford 3 or 5 window coupe , older restoration or project

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I would like to get a 32 Ford coupe , either a 3 window or a 5 window,

an older restoration would be nice , not running OK.

I can do all the machanical work myself to get it back on the road ,

or a project car

I just sold my 50s car so I have money to spend smile.gif

Thanks for your help,


Please send me a PM , you can do that by Clicking on Beaulieu on the top left and then clicking "send a PM"

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: superods</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hey beaulieu....

It is called common courtesy. Ever hear of it ?



I am confused

what did I do wrong?


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My fault guess this forum has problems. Sent you a note on a 34 3 window I own. It is in process of completion. Is a layered composite body ...no fendered... extended wheel base ...widened trac. Will send you photos if you so desire. Easier than trying to describe it. You can email me at packardrefitters@centurytel.net with an email address to send photos if interested in seeing it. Is very unique and tastefully designed.

You must not have gotten this note when I sent it two days ago...that was my reference and is not your fault my apology.

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I am pretty sure he is looking for a "real" Henry Ford built steel 1932 ford coupe made in 1932

I would have replied to your PM if it were me looking for a 32 Ford coupe, but as I see it, a steel 32 Ford Coupe is a far cry from a plastic/fiberglass/composite "34" design/style body street rod

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If you are looking to make a hot rod or upgrade the running gear you can save an original Ford by going to Brookville Roadster's web page. They manufacture the frame, as well as the (roadster or coupe) body, fenders, etc. Everything is steel and is an excellent way to start or use as replacement parts. They do nice work but are not cheap. The also can deliver to Hershey in October if your purchase is ready.

Their web address is;


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