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JEEZ $600 '66 Thunderbird rather nice runs and drives.....

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Direct quote from the guy who listed it on the 80s fox body cougar and tbird forum I post on.....

$600 running & driving very clean car need TLC that’s it.

WHY so cheap well it’s not mine it’s my neighbors I want it but my wife will kill w/more junk around here. The problem is the guy he got it from through a barter deal did not have the registration. the other guy was an older guy who was the original owner I believe. Car was last registered in 1984 and sat since motor is a 390 carb gives a little trouble and one of the brake cylinders on one of the front is bad other the that IT’S A MUST. My neigbor drives a wrecker and junks for a living, and w/metal up and his wife on him its gotta go. I talked him into holding off to tomorrow ill post it here for anyone local who might want to see it.

Farmingdale Longisland NY

I asked him to get me the guy's contact info, he said the guy doesn't want to be harassed with phone calls...but my buddy will speak to anyone who is DEAD-SET interested in it. He gave me his email... innes7374@yahoo.com he'll be checking his email he's a real standup member there been on there awhile good rep if you really want this thing you'll get it and that old guy will give it to ya for $600. On that forum not many people there are into really old stuff, and quite frankly not many have the time/space/money for another project or they aren't close enough, few of em are in NY or even in the northeast, so I figured this ol' place was the best bet.






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FWIW, New York DMV is not too difficult to deal with on lost paperwork. When I lived there, I successfully registered two or three old cars that I bought without registrations, all done directly without using a title company. Check their website (www.nysdmv.com, I believe) for more info.

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Looks more like a $3,500 car if I had to guess, I kind of like these and follow them a bit. No paper trail at all and a price too good to be true would concern me. That said it really should not be a dealbreaker. If owners would be willing to provide the VIN and let you check it prior to sale then it is truly a solid deal, and an inexpensive way into the hobby.

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Yeah I only posted it here because I'm 99.9999 perecent sure NO-freakin-body from there is gonna go for it and he's gonna have to CRUSH the thing if he can't unload it cry.gif. He told me "I'll speak to anyone that definitely wants it and it's a great very solid car, only issue they'll really have is a minor headache getting the registration". I don't know what minor headache means.

Haha, I'm gonna message him back right now and ask for a little more detail. Update as it comes!

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He got back to me......

"That’s the problem exactly but I can tell you the car is not stolen. Convincing someone, that is a different story “again problem”. The person buying the car has to go to DMV, explain the problem and register this. Now I never been down this road but people have these cars don’t have titles only reggeis. Anyway DMV runs the car makes sure its not stolen then sends a letter to the last registered owner. I believe if he doesn’t respond its yours; if he says he sold it its yours; and if he tries to pull a fast one and say its stolen, well he’s going to be in trouble cause this car has a record of being w/ my neighbor since at least last fall so the police are going to want to know why now he decided to do a stolen vehicle report. Big red flag. Look at the dates of pics of these and the car was on Craig’s list over the winter/fall also pics taken from my neighbors yard."

confused.gif So I dunno. He did post the VIN on that forum--- 6y87z104716 that is a ZERO there not an "Oh"

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The way it works (used to work?) in New York is that you send the prior owner a registered letter, return receipt requested, asking for paperwork. If it gets returned, you need to present the sealed, returned envelope to DMV to show you tried to make contact. You then go to DMV with the envelope, a valid insurance card for the vehicle you're trying to register, a tracing of the VIN, and fill out some forms. You usually leave with license plates and a non-transferable registration that will be followed-up with a transferable registration in a few weeks. Hope this helps.


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