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Feeling Warm and Fuzzy....


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Story with a happy ending: Other day someone posted a Las Vegas telephone number for a '90 convertible for sale. I called and talked with the owner, whose husband recently passed away so whe no longer needed the car. Sounded nice, and I was tempted to fly over and look at it. At the same time, I was negotiating with Ralph Price of Dallas on one of my convertibles. In telephone conversation, he mentioned that he and his wife were flying to Vegas the next day. I gave him the woman's number and told him to call her. Sure enough, he saw and loved the car, and bought it on the spot. (And a happy P.S. He was going to drive it back to Texas, but got lucky on the tables and made enough to have it shipped!) So...bottom line: I lost a sale, but feel warm and fuzzy in that I helped a very nice guy find a very nice car.<P>Jerry (candidate for sainthood)

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