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RELAY FIX once and for ALL!!

Guest EDBS0

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Guest EDBS0

In response to a previous post I started to play and I found that it would be possible to remove the "relay working parts" from the "box (housing)" and put it in the old but proper box (housing)? Understand ... <B>GOOD</B> ... then explain it to me! I have old and new relays and have <B>PLAYED!</B><P>So been there and done that.<P>Using two of your best silver knives insert them down the side of the relay where the "latches" are then taking needle nose pliers grasp a prong of your choice and remove the relay "GUTS" the working part. Do the same with the NEW relay and transplant the new innards to the "old box" and you have new working parts in an old housing. Note the orientation of the prongs! Remarkable easy when you think about it. Why hasn't any one else shared this "<I>FIX</I>" with the rest of the forum?<I>FREE TO ALL TO USE!!!</I>

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