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94 Buick Park Ave check engine light


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If you have or know of anyone who has this exact problem and you think you know the answer, I would like to hear it. It is not supercharged.<BR> Here's what happens-<BR>The car drives exceptionally well until you step on it and start leaning on the motor. Then the check engine light comes on- after which, sometimes the trans delays shifting, but most the time it still runs okay. If you pull over to the side of the road, shut it off a little while, when you start it, the check engine light goes out and it runs perfect. You may not see it again for a month or more, or until you lean on it again. Any ideas?? It has a fairly new computer, has been running good and other than this no other problems. It doesn't overheat or use much oil. All gauges read good.<BR> smile.gif" border="0

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