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Polo green 1991 convertible

Barney Eaton

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While at the Kokomo meet, I was told there was a 1991 Polo Green convertible at a dealership in Bluffton Indiana. Like Lock Ness monstor sightings, I take these stories seriously.<P>Upon returning to Texas, I called the dealership and talked to the owner, he actually has two convertibles and one coupe.<P>Both convertibles are 1990's, one is black and the other red. So much for another Polo Green convertible sighting.<P>The dealer also has a 1989 red coupe that was damaged by water when new...GM pulled the title (didn't get the story details) but dealership still has the car. <P>This is how one story leads to another.

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Bill.....we believe no green convertibles were built but the sighting continue. <P>If you look at the database, the first known green coupe (900617) was built during the last couple of days of convertible production. Last convertible is 90622.<P>The unanswered questions are.......<BR>(1) Polo green was announced in Bulletin 91-008 dated 10-12-90 (that same bulletin canceled Driftwood). Why 5 months before the first Polo Green car was built?<BR>(2) If you study the database, you will note that cars were built in color batches...ie several whites, then several reds, etc.<BR>You will note that 90617 was built between two white convertibles.....a very unusual situation.

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