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1950 Super - 56R rear body harness same as any other models?

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Rhode Island Wire says that the reason why they don't list a rear body harness (under seat heat/tail lights I think) is because they have never seen one. They won't build one unless they seen in hand an example of the harness from exactly the same model car.

They do list it for the early 50 special (series 40), late 50 special, series 70 4 door sedan and some 51-53 cars.

I am wondering if another model is the same or very similar and installed in about the same way (routing over the floor etc) such that the length is likely to be the same.

Has anyone else ever found a pre-made rear body/tail light harness for a 56R?

Just trying to decide on my options. I know that I can send them my harness but right now I don't really want to remove it. I might be willing to do it next winter.

Also, the short front signal harness (in the bumper guards) was not included in my front harness because they say that they have never seen one of those either).


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I bought one from Rhode Island Wiring a few years ago for a 1950 model 46-S, which is a slightly shorter wheelbase. The early and late 1950 models differ in where the heater control is located on the dash (and a few other things that have nothing to do with the wiring). The dome light wiring and location might be a bit different on the sedan than on the 2-door hardtop, but that's easy to rewire. As long as the 70 series is not wired for power windows and power seat, I would go with that one, because they are pretty much the same as the Super from the cowl back--maybe an extra inch or two in the wheelbase on the Riviera sedan, but that won't hurt you.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

1949 model 59

1950 model 76-R (two)

1963 Wildcat 4-spd. conv.

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Rebecca, Have you settled on a harness as yet?

These are all available in Australia. http://www.vinwire.com.au/ Looking at the site they do not have the 56R listed, however they have made them.

I have previously bought the front for a 1950 41d, and a front and rear to suite my 56R.

These were all correct in colours, length etc. They all worked and were BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! made.

Michael M

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