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1950 Super - who has best fitting floor pans

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I recently bought new floor pans and toe boards from ebay for my 1950 Super (2 door). They look like this:


Initially I thought that they looked good. However, this might have been my inexperience. Has anyone ever successfully used these floor pans from ebay?

I know that you are supposed to trim them down to what you need. However, I tried test fitting them and they seem all wrong. I would have expected that the edges would be stamped to fit the curved shape of the floor. Any comments.

Is this a good company? They don't have any pictures.



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The floor pans I purchased to replace my rotted floor looked just like those pictured on the eBay link. I was a little disappointed as well, expecting something very close to what I was replacing - curves, valleys, overall fit.

Those floor pans will require some cutting, bending, and in my case, some of my own sheet metal stock to fill in the gaps.

I was pleased with the end result though. Good luck with your floor.

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That eBay guy lives five miles from me, by the old Highland Park (Model T) Plant. I contacted him, and asked to go over there to see about sheet metal for my car. Oh, NO! He didn't want anything to do with that.

Ok, that raises big red flags. There must be a reason. Maybe he didn't want me to see all his bending equipment. Most restoring places welcome customers with open arms.

His site doesn't say whether his pans are stamped or rolled. It says his parts are new, and he's looking for large lots of stampings. Even though he sells a lot, I'm not impressed with the last ELEVEN negative feedback he got in the past year.

I can bend my own floor pans, so I avoid those guys like the plague.

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Personally I have NOT used this guy at all..., so my comment is based purely on the numbers as reported on e-bay.

At a total of 2488 feedback comments (as at the time of writing this) for this guy in the past twelve months, only 11 are negative.

That represents 0.0044212218649517684887459807073955 percent of negative comments! NOT BAD IN MY OPINION.

I am not dissing the original poster of this post, but can it perhaps be a case of not really knowing what you were receiving when you ordered the pans? 2477 other positive orders cannot all be that 100% correct - if you see what I mean...

Just my 2c worth


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Hey Johan, did you read the OTHER comments? You considered two stats, Positive, and Negative feedback. There is a lot more to this story. Of the folks who were dissatisfied, do they sound like they don't know what they ordered?:


Pos had problems,and took till june 5 to get...but worked with me.. and fixed it..

Pos slow but ok

Neg Never sent item then stopped communication after I asked for refund over 35 days

Neutral Thin metal stock fair workmanship

Neu pieces did not fit, but seller was very gracious about a settlement

Neu Did not answer my questions, part was lost in the mail, and had to be re-shipped


Neu item took 1 month to arrive, but seller sent another item to replace the item


Withdrawn Cheap product, no communication, huge shipping costs, but waited a week to ship!

Withdrawn did not send my other items ripped me off does'nt reply to my emails watchout!!!


I only went back to APRIL '08. Granted, there was a lot of positive feedback. But remember, this class of buyers are car restorers who know what sheet metal they need. Many are desperate for usable, rare parts (and they will make 'anything' work).

Paying winners don't deserve negative feedback, so they are willing to mutually withdraw, even though they are unhappy with the transaction. That's why eBay changed their policy; sellers can not give negative feedback to a paying winner.

I sell on eBay, and I have never made an excuse to a buyer. The rules are simple, and we have insurance to cover shipping errors, so buyers will not lose any money.

When YOU are a disgruntled buyer, I'm sure your opinion of this seller will change. Stats are nice, but they don't tell the whole story. I still stick to my story. It took three messages for him to respond, and he didn’t want me to come to his place. I could have brought him a lot of business, had he been up-front. There are plenty of legit sources to choose from. If you need help buying the correct part, go to a reputable store who offers a fair return policy. - Dave Dare

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I have bought from Classic Fabrications, in response to Rebecca's question, about 6 years ago. These were for my 1950 Super Wagon.

Did the floors take some work, yes, but what fabrication doesn't. No more then I expected.

The price was reasonable, shipping was quick and I got good quality metal with the correct holes and stamping in them.

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