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A Couple of Preventative Maintenance Items I have Done This Year

Guest EDBS0

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Guest EDBS0

Yes Monica they do require maintenance from time to time. <P>Done this year...<P>4 new Yokhomas AVS 215/65/15<BR>10W 30 Synthetic Oil<BR>180 degree thermostat<BR>Alignment<BR>Fix Headlight Motors<BR>Fixed Headlight Switch and Dash Dimming<BR>Front Struts, Monroe<BR>Front Strut Mounts, Gabriel<BR>Headlight Diode Replaced<BR>Headlights with100/55 H4 Bulbs with Special-coated quartz glass bulb capsules are filled with a high-performance xenon gas mixture to produce an intense white light that approaches the brilliance of HID systems <BR>Jacobs Ultra Coil Pack<BR>MSD 8.5 mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wires<P>Oxygen Sensor<BR>PureONE Large Oil Filter<BR>Rear Struts, Monroe<BR>Redline Complete Fuel System Cleaner <BR>Strip Clear Coat and Polish Rims with Zaino Z1 Z2<BR>Transmission Cooler<BR>Transmission Filter and Flush with Synthetic Fluid<BR>Zaino Z1 Z2, Z5, Z6 and Z18<P>YET TO DO;<P>ABS<BR>ACDelco RAPIDFIRE Performance Spark Plug #3 or #14 don't know, leaning to #14<BR>Air Filter Intake manifold gasket, likely winter project. <BR>Speakers <BR>Sunroof, likely a cable<p>[ 07-20-2002: Message edited by: Easily Distracted ]

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