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Replace Milburn battery switch ?

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The battery switch in this 1915 Milburn shows signs of repair with solder. Do I repair or make new pieces for it or replace it with a modern switch? I could conceal it easily and I would sleep well using one but I can't find either a disconnect or selector switch rated for 84 volts. I'm learning as I go and any help is appreciated. Thank you. John Worden 641 474 2313 in Iowa

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I've decided to use 12 volts to operate a replacement ignition switch that will then trigger a solonoid operated contacter rated for 84 volts. I have made parts that will allow the new ignition switch to mate to the back side of the original Milburn switch and not be visible once the switch is inserted into it's mounting hole in the panel. I'm using only the accessory side of the switch to maintain the counterclockwise movement to the "run" position. I also provided a positive stop so the switch can move to "run" only. I also plan on making the charge circuit bypass the master switch. I'm working on this car now and will report back soon. John Worden

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See 3 photos. One shows the original switch parts and the other two are 2 views of the original parts and new switch and machined parts to mate the pieces togather minus the actual original switch internals. This combination of new and original parts will control 12 volts that will in turn operate a Curtis/Allbright contactor handling 84 volts. I believe Milburn used this switch for a couple of years only and then replaced it with one of another design. I can provide measurements of the original Milburn pieces for those who want to fabricate a copy. Personnaly I would not trust the original switch to work without problems. I will sleep well knowing that 84 volts is controled by new switch gear. JW




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You're right John-

Milburn did change the controller design over the years.

My best understanding at this time is that there were at least 5 different controllers used:

1915/16 Model 15/151/16/22: 10-contact controller

1917/18 Model 27: 10-contact controller?

1919/20 Model 27L: 12-contact controller

1921/22 Model 27L: 12-contact controller (updated?)

1923 Model 27L: 9-contact controller (supposedly)

The Milburn main switch appears to be similar to the Clum Switch used on early Dodges---these can be found on Ebay pretty regularly and if similar in size, might make a suitable replacement.

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