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WTB Black era Model T,

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Prefer open car, runner or minor project, as complete as possible. A 20-25 touring or runabout- older restoration would be perfect (Florida is not really the best for closed cars, especially in the summer.) If it's earlier, a non-electric start car is OK too. Not looking to make a modernized- upgraded driver, just a plain old T. Don't want anything rare or an early brass car. A "Bitsa this, bitsa that" car is OK too, as long as it has good paper so I can get it titled and legal for the road. I've owned all sorts of cars, but have decided that a T to tinker with and putt around running errands etc. will be a blast. I just want to end up with a driver, not a show car or trailer queen. Looking to trade an outstanding Victory V92C motorcycle. (value of bike around $6K) PM me for pictures and particulars on the bike. I'd consider a speedster, hack, or whatever as well. Just trying to move over into the slow lane for a while.

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