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Atwater-Kent Parts Source

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Folk's that need Atwater-Kent parts and services should check out eBay's auction # 160239788186. I was going to wait until I got my two 6 volt coils back for my 1917 Maxwell before I broke this news, but this auction let's the cat out of the bag early. Check this website:

I stumbled across this 2 months ago and called and talked to Mike. He's extremely knowledgeable and couldn't be more helpful. I sent two coils in and 7 days later he called to say they were both done. They also may be a source for distributor parts. Check it out.

Howard Dennis

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Instead of people running all over I'm just going to put the contact info here.

Atwater-Kent Manufacturing Company

12 Jacques Street

Worcester, Massachusetts 01603

Phone Mike at 1-508-792-9500

Tell him the nut with the Maxwell coils sent you!

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