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Not absolutly sure about Chrysler, but DeSoto of those years had a Silverdome Head and a Red Head. Either of those names was cast into the surface of the head. There was also a plain head whth no cast in special name.

I've got a 1930 Silverdome 8 engine and a 1930 plain head engine. The Silverdome is in the car and the plain head is on a stand in the garage.

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I think that in the case of a silverdome head, the block should be black, head should be silver, intake manifold should be black and the exhaust manifold should be a natural cast color. all accessories should be black.

At least that is the case in the 1930- 31 Desoto!


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Steve thanks I will go like you say black block and sliver head.the silver that I use would it be like the dicussion said 51 Ford meadow green? I am new at this thanks I highly appreciate your help.I have one more guestion maybe you can help me the car horn that I have is a doulble trumpet horn .Do you know if they came that way.

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I would agree on a black block and silver head for a Silver Dome head if it were a 1930 Desoto as I've restored 2 of them.

The 30 Chrysler CJ-the loest priced Chrysler- was built on the same sized chassis as the Desoto and Plymouth so might use the same paint scheme.

The proper horn for your CJ would probably mount on the engine using a bracket which is held down by 2 engine stud nuts. the horn design would be a single trumpet similar to Model a Ford.

Not many CJs seem to have survived as compared with the similar 30 Desoto models.

The silver paint originally was a flat finish non glossy paint which generally does not hold up or clean very well. A longer term finish(not correct) would be a silver metallic B/coat clear/coat finish.

My 30 Desoto roadster got its 1st Junior and Senior almost 20 years ago and we still drive it on tours.

Marty Lum

Martin Lum

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