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36 lincoln zephyr thoughts on selling


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my name is seth crofton and I recently inherited a 36 lincoln zephyr that was my grandfathers fathers car. Grandpa got it in 71 and ran it until he parked in 82. I recieved it last september. I have had it stored at my friends place in enumclaw washington but he is moving and i really have no place to store it or the time and money to work on it. I have been quoted various offers and trades. I have seen the classifieds on LZOC but am looking for some ideas on price adn where to sell it. Any ideas?

anyone wanting to see pics let me know at paperforce@aol.com

thanks in advance.


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Even a couple of pics posted here would help, but the major questions any potential buyer is going to have:

Body condition and rust?

How complete is the car -- bumpers, taillights, interior pieces?

Two-door or foor-door?

Does it have the V12 engine in it? (I assume it's not running)

Without the basic info, it's really hard to give *any* gauge of value.

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Ok, here's my reaction to the pics:


No major body or interior parts seem to be missing. Possibly the original V12 (would have to see front engine mounts) with aluminum heads. Instrument panel area looks to be complete with banjo-style wheel. Tail lights, bumpers, running boards all there. Front grill edge chrome piece looks to be intact (?)


Interior upholstery is completely trashed, but probably enough to make patterns. Hard to tell whether the floorpans have rust, but I'd bet on it. Non-running always raises concerns. While all '36s are rare, 4-door sedans don't usually bring big bucks, even when restored, and this one would need a lot of work.

Other observations: It's wearing a '37 grill, but that's not a problem. The door handles are straight, suggesting an early '36. This '37, which is running, sold using "Buy it Now" for $10,700.:


Overall, I'd have to say -- and this is one person's opinion -- $4K would be on the low side and $10 would be on the high side. Somewhere in that range.

Anyone else have some thoughts?

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I tend to agree with you Cecil, it does look like a good starting point, and if you like the early bodystyle, this would be a good one. It looks to be intact, and doesn't seem to be sagging, so perhaps the floors aren't too awful bad. It also has the heater and radio, which aren't easy to find. The 37 grille is not a problem, especially since the blue 36 badge is there. 36 is lower production than the 37, and has the flat dash similar to a Ford. The right person might pay around $10K, but I'd guess closer to $6-7K. It would take twice that just to make it a driver. I saw a 36 4 door, a soft #2 go at Kruse West Palm Beach for $40K last year. So there is a market for the 4 door, but not like the coupe-sedan. Without checking, I think the production of 36 was about 12k 4 door sedans, and 2500 2 door coupe-sedans, no other styles. There are about 30-35 36s in the registry.

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