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Real axle seals

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I had the same problem with my '29 Chrysler. There were NO replacements. You obviously don't want the felt seal even if you did find an N.O.S. set. What I ended up doing is when I had the rear end rebuilt, my rebuilder (who was a transmission rebuilder)removed the existing seal and took the housing apart. In the middle is the felt seal. He had a catolog of every imaginable size of modern seals. He ordered the proper seal and inserted it and put both halfs of the housing assembly back together. My rear end has modern seals and hasn't leaked since!!

My suggestion is to find a good transmission rebuilder who has been around the block and they should be able to help you. It can be done!!!


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Any good bearing dealer can help you. They stock (or can get) every size and type of seal as well as bearing.

Take the old seal with you. If it has a number on it they can get a new one for you in most cases. Or do like the tranny rebuilder did, and find a modern equivalent.

Look in the yellow pages under bearings.

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I highly recommend Larry Chegwidden ph# 503-253-8941. He makes custom rear outer axle seals out of aluminum billet with modern nitrile seals. He will ship them to you super-fast for $60-$65 each (includes s/h). Just tell him your needs and they will magically appear on your doorstep within days. I just put a set on my 1929 Dodge Bros DA Phaeton--PERFECT or better! Joe

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