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ABS Brakes: H E L P please


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So I put my '90 coupe in Joe's Garage bcause I got tired of the ABS light always being on. Joe's son, Tommy, also said that the pump was taking too long to cycle, so we're replacing that too. It took forever to find the parts, but he finally found a wrecked Reatta (RIP) and salvaged them.<P>So now he's going crazy. It's apparently together and working, but when he takes her onto gravel to activate the ABS, the light comes on AND STAYS ON. It will reset when the car is shut off and restarted. What's wrong? Any advice I can pass on to Tommy, please?

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The next step is to enter the diagnostic mode and retrieve the trouble code(s) that were set when the light cam on. A detailed description on how to do this is in the service manual (every Reatta should have one).

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