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71 442 Shock PaintColor

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I had great success with my question for a conv top switch rplacement - so here goes again -

What was the color of the orginal shocks for the 71 Cutlass?

I don't have to the exact color (that would be nice but) an approximate color would do nicely. Color, if it was a gloss, flat or semi-gloss finish. Maybe someone has a spray can color of choice they could recommend.

Thanks very mcuh

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The Delco REPLACEMENT shocks were a flat grey. A lot of guys pay big money to buy them thinking because they say Delco on the box that they are the same as original equipment. Monroes were the metallic blue and were a very popular replacement back in the day. I had a Monroe demo barrel in front of my service staion in 1970 and installed a LOT of them on nearly new cars just becaue they seemed tighter than OEM's on the demonstrator. All the Oldsmobiles, both full size and Cutlass that I have restored that I knew for sure were all original had black shocks - kind of a semi gloss black. They were the same on cars in the Dealership through at least the end of the RWD Cutlass, Delta, etc. You will have guys argue for the gray and the blue and so many people are convinced that their choice is correct that it really doesn't matter what you use - there will be SOMEONE who will think whatever you have is correct.

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(Monroes were the metallic blue) that must be why I was thinking they were blue...yea.. I remember back in the day Monroe was the way to go..I just put a new pair of Gabrials on my 71 and they are black...

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