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Head bolts - 288

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I'm pretty sure it's ok, but I just want to hear that from some of you experienced people:

I was removing the nuts from two of the head bolts (studs) tonight so I could fit a strap on the head to lift it by. I'm lifting the entire engine a few inches so I can remove the oil pan in order to replace my rear seal.

I realized after pulling the rachet free that one of the studs had turned completely out, and that the nut was still in place on the stud (making it like a hex head bolt). On the other one the nut only came off.

Of course, a ton of antifreeze came out of that bolt hole where the stud was removed.

Is this a problem at all? Seems like when I put it back together it ought to work out the same, but I'm a concerned enough to ask the experts. crazy.gif

Pictures at RearMainSeal

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Take 2 nuts and screw them on the bottom of the stud. Jam them together. This will allow you to take off the top nut without damaging the stud.

Clean the stud thoroughly coat the bottom threads with a little Permatex #2 and put it back.

You can use the double nut trick on the top end to screw it back in.

Put a couple of drops of motor oil on the stud, put the nut back on and torque it to factory specs. It wouldn't hurt to retorque the whole head at this time.

It shouldn't do any harm at all.

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Jay, just like Rusty says. What happened to you has happened to most all of us at one time or another. If you decide to replace the stud, only use a correct stud, they are formed differently than simple machine studs to help insure coolant sealing, and of course they need to be capable to handling the clamping force. I'd be quite comfortable using the old stud as long as it shows no signs of problems and takes and consequently holds the torque. If it doesn't hold torque, that may mean it's stretching and obviously should be replaced. I generally use old fashioned Indian Head shellac as a sealant, but that's just personal preference.

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OK, I got the engine raised up a little bit. For those of you (like Dr. Dirt) who have written and want to watch the progress you can see how it was done at This Spot.

I'm not intending to post something here every time I do something; I figure if you're watching you will visit the website on your own. This will be the only time I'll make any progress notifications, so as not to flood the forum with unnecessary posts from a true novice.


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