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Sloshing a Lockheed Brake Fluid Reservoir?

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Has anyone tried sloshing a Lockheed Brake Fluid Reservoir with a fuel tank sloshing compound?

My 1929 Dodge DA phaeton has the "tin can" type reservoir attached to the firewall. Since I'm rebuilding the entire brake system, I'd like to minimize introduction of rust into the system from the can. Looking into the can one can see a mild amount of surface corrosion now.

My guess is that brake fluid (DOT 3) will eat this sloshing stuff alive, thus contaminating the fluid anyway. Thx, Joe

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It will look pretty until you put in some brake fluid.

The brake fluid will eat right through it. I had brazed the seams on mine and then dressed them back. After that I had it lined at the same time I had my gas tank lined with the Renu process, that was well over five years ago and no problems. Good luck.

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