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I am a newbee who is starting a 53 Coronet with Hemi restore. I have wasted hours on line loking for a reliable parts place. I am starting by trying to find a wiring harness and a three speed tranny. Any advice would be helpful. Stan

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Maybe not a wiring harness, but most parts for your car can be found at NAPA or other good parts store.

What is wrong with the transmission? Do you have the infamous fluid drive?

This was a cross between a standard and an automatic with features of both.

It is a tough reliable transmission. It seldom gives trouble and it is easy to fix.

But it does take a different driving technique and a little TLC from time to time.

If you look on the Chrysler and Dodge boards for fluid drive you should find some long threads with all the info you need to have your car purring.

Could save you an expensive transmission job.

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Told by who?

The Gyromatic was one of the first generation automatic transmissions.

As such, it was not as good as a new type transmission but then what on your car is as good as a 2008? Just because something is different doesn't make it bad. These old fashioned features are the charm of the old cars.

The Gyromatic was Dodge's name for the Fluid Drive + M6 semi automatic transmission.

It is about the simplest, ruggedest and most trouble free of the early automatics.

They used them in all kinds of cars, from 1939 to 1953, including 6000 pound Imperial limousines with Chrysler Hemi engines.

The transmission will be the least of your worries. Get the car on the road and give it a chance.

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I can echo Rusty's comments. My highschool girl friends parents had a new '53 Dodge with the Gyromatic tranny. I was freqquently priviledged to drive it with only she and I aboard. Try as hard as I could, I could not hurt the trasmission. Properly abused, it would give you four speeds forward. On a few occassions we got two speeds in reverse, but that was more difficult to do on city streets. That transmission will take a lot of abuse.

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